Librarian Blog Review

Although I am planning on being a teacher, I decided to also look at the librarian blogs because many of the blogs discuss how to encourage kids to read, which as an English teacher, is imperative to understand. The first blog that I took a look at is called A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet. Essentially, the blog gathers available resources that can help a librarian better understand their students while also posting job listings and professional opportunities for future librarians. In particular, the post Unfamiliar with EdTech Terminology? Try a Cheat Sheet discusses the progression of education and gives teachers an idea of what students and educators or talking about in the classroom. Though there seemed to be more time spent trying to find other bloggers to fill in on the site, there was some useful information in the blog.
The second blog that I found was very interesting because it discussed how to deal with various issues within a school as a librarian while also providing examples of how librarians should act as professionals. The blog, The Daring Librarian, has various posts that range from dealing with your administrators and peers to deciding how to present you in a private and public domain. The post that caught my eye was titled What’s YOUR Twitter Formula? This post talked about how to use twitter if you plan to interact with your students openly and what to avoid tweeting in order to maintain your job. Though the posts are very informative, the color and layout of the blog made it difficult to follow.
The final blog I decided to review was called The Unquiet Librarian. In this blog, the librarian discusses various activities that are new and innovative within the context of typical library practices. Most of the posts are discussing what took place during the library session that was held and offers reasoning and reflection on each activity. One post, Teen Tech Week DIY 2014: Duct Tape, Squishy Circuits, and Makey Makey, the librarian discusses the in class activity in which students constructed decorations as well as putting together circuits that functioned as computer game controls once finished. This blog was interesting but only useful for schools that have massive budgets, as many of the activities are costly and inaccessible to most schools.
Incorporating blogs into a school’s library can be difficult, but I believe it could be accomplished. For example, a librarian could hold a blog that would discuss what books they were reading while opening the blog to comments that allow students to comment on what they are reading and what they wish to see more of in the library. This would thus create a library that is tailored to the students while creating a positive relationship between them and the librarian. To encourage other librarians to use blogging, I would first have to prove that I have implemented the strategy successfully into my own school and then show them the positive outcomes that resulted from blogging. For professional development, I believe that viewing these blogs and interacting with other librarians would be the most effective way of furthering oneself through blogging.


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